The JLHS FILM CLUB is a place where you can learn new and different ways in making Film’s. In the club we also edit our videos and post them here on the JLHS FILM CLUB website under “FILM”. The club is made up of many people, some with different levels of experience and many just wanting to learn the basics of editing. This is also the first year the film club is meeting in the new studio. It took the State of California and the district 7 years to approve the STUDIO – 104 project and it’s  finally here. In the club we also teach you the basic’s on how to edit in Adobe premiere pro cs6. Film club will meet every Thursdays for 30-45 mins (3:30-4:05) so make sure you have a ride ready when the club ends. We thank you for joining the JLHS FILM CLUB, and we hope to work with you soon!



Victor Rivas


A 17 year old filmmaker from the Bay Area in California. Currently studying Film & TV Production at James Logan High School. At 7 years old, Victor started to love the film industry. Making mini videos in his backyard. It fascinated him and wanting to get into the film industry. His favorite thing to watch on YouTube is watching behind the scenes videos on AAA movies. He began to develop cinematography skills by shooting concept music videos and by recording his neighborhood. After endless hours of practice, Victor started to post his own original content on YouTube under the name VICTOR RIVAS FILMS. During the summer of 2016 Victor attended The New York Film Academy and made a short film in the backlot of Universal Studios. Victor plans to go to The New York Film Academy and get his bachelor in filmmaking and cinematography. He also plans to expand his brand (VRF™) into a AAA production company.






  • When do we meet?

-Thursdays for 30-45 mins (3:30-4:05)

  • Where do we meet?

-At STUDIO – 104 (Just before entering the 100s hallway to the right)

  • How do you know if a day is canceled?

-We send a 2 day notice by e-mail if a meeting is canceled.

  • Do I need to have any experience in film to join?

-You don’t need any experience at all, just come out and have some fun while making videos.

  • What do we do in the JLHS FILM CLUB?

-We learn the art of filmmaking and editing.

  • What benefits do I get from joining FILM CLUB

– you get to experience a little taste of what it’s like to make a film and if you want to get into the field you can say I was part of the JLHS FILM CLUB when it comes to applying for a film school. Another benefit if you don’t have room in your schedule to join you get to at least experience it in FILM CLUB

  • Do I need to bring my own camera?

– No… but if we’re doing a project individually you don’t have to worry about who gets the camera next.